Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hello, this is who we are, and what we do!

Welcome to Interpret the Future! This is a blog created by a group of young interpreters who are
interested in how current interpreting and translation practice is changing rapidly. In this blog you
will find some lively articles and discussions on the art and science of interpreting; how translation
and the skills needed to use new technology are converging; and why language professionals will be
crucial in developing the digital and social economy.

Interpret the Future has grown from a collaboration with OpenKnowledge, an international
consulting firm that specializes in helping large organizations realize their business potential through
open and collaborative approaches based on the Social Business paradigm. OpenKnowledge brought
this group of interpreters together to provide specialist language services and gain experience of
conference interpreting during the Social Business Forum to be held in Milan on June 4-5 2012.

The contributors to this blog will be providing interpreting services throughout the Social Business
Forum. They have also collaborated on translating key documents for the Forum (including the Social
Business Manifesto, a seminal text written by OpenKnowledge and published in conjunction with the
Harvard Business Review Italia).

The contributors to Interpret the Future are:

Gino De Blasio (social media expert and fluent Italian / English speaker)

Loredana Nano - interpreter

Bruno Musarra - interpreter

Ian Mansbridge - interpreter

Lara Warburton - interpreter

Isabelle Handley-Allen - interpreter

Alice Bertinotti - interpreter

Robert Dennis is the OpenKnowledge project manager for Interpret the Future at the Social Business Forum.

Holly Carlile, a freelance translator based in Milan, is translating the Social Business Manifesto for OpenKnowledge.

If you would like to find out more about new approaches to conference interpreting, social
business and how language and technology are driving change, please feel free to ask any (or all)
of the contributors. They are also available for freelance interpreting and translation work and be
contacted via this group.

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