Monday, 10 June 2013

Countdown to the Social Business Forum 2013 - #SBF13

Men at Work: Bruno and Ian will be in the booth again at #SBF13
The hours are ticking away – and the 6th Social Business Forum is now less than 2 days away!
As the speakers, attendees and members of the Interpret the Future team make their way towards Milan we would like to give you a snapshot of our preparations for this event.

The Interpret the Future group now has eight professional interpreters who will be providing a feed of simultaneous translation from Italian into English and English into Italian.

Returning from last year we have Loredana Nano, Alice Bertinotti, Lara Warburton, Ian Mansbridge and Bruno Musarra. This year we also welcome three new team members: Veronica Cioni, Daniela Negru and Flavio Lanteri.

The team have been intensively preparing for this event by familiarising themselves with specialist Social Business vocabulary that they have collated using an online spreadsheet in Google Drive.

We are also using Google Drive to co-ordinate all the interpreting activities on the two days of the forum via another spreadsheet which each member of the group has access to and can edit in real time.

Other useful information, links and documents available online have been shared with the interpreters.  

These include two key documents written by OpenKnowledge and published by the Harvard Business Review Italia:
·        Social Business Manifesto – published in 2012, this seminal document provided a clarion call for transforming business during the Social Business Forum 2012.
·        Social Business Toolkit – to be published this year in the HBR Italia, the Toolkit provides a complete set of practices and tasks that can be implemented to help companies become more social.

With a host of top flight speakers at the event this year –  including Sandy Carter of IBM, Brett King, Jacob Morgan, Ray Wang and many more – this looks like being another great Social Business Forum. 

And the highly resourceful translation professionals of Interpret the Future will again be an integral part of the mix.

Looking forward to Wednesday 12th June 2013 when the Social Business Forum 2013 will kick off. Hope to meet you there!

Robert Dennis,

Project co-ordinator for Interpret the Future
CEO and Head of Innovation at Riverstone Language & Communications

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